" I have had the pleasure of watching Lou over the last 30 years evolve from Corprotate Lawyer and student to an inspiring teacher, to teacher trainer and mentor of yoga teachers world wide.I highly recommend her classes, workshops, trainiings and anything she is teaching. Her zest for knowledge keeps her teachings inspiring, fresh and intelligent. "
Jean Koerner, yoga teacher, owner of the Bowery Yoga Studio, New York


" Dans un monde où tout s’accélère, dans lequel le temps de se poser et de se centrer sont devenus denrée rare et où les contacts humains sont souvent plus virtuels que réels, la pratique yogique de Lou apporte un moment de connexion profonde à soi. Son écoute attentive, sa douceur et sa profonde bienveillance, ainsi que ses encouragements créent un environnement où l'exercice du yoga s'opère en toute sécurité, physique et émotionnelle. Je me suis tournée vers Lou parce que j’avais l’impression de ne plus être connectée à mon corps, mon mental régissant tout. Je ressors de chaque session de restorative yoga plus apaisée, plus en accord avec moi-même, plus en vie et remplie d’énergie positive. Merci Lou!"

« Je comprends enfin un peu ce que veux dire être centrée. Je suis venue par curiosité et un peu cynique par rapport au yoga tendance bobo branché. J'ai trouvé une femme d'une intelligence émotionnelle aiguë qui enseigne avec humilité et rigueur... et avec humour. En gros je suis fan... D'habitude je ne suis pas fidèle, je zape vite. Merci Lou  »

« Depuis peu, je commence ma semaine en prenant un cours de yoga restauratif avec Lou et ça me fait un bien fou. Je fais du yoga depuis plus de 20 ans mais cette approche est tout à fait nouvelle pour moi et grâce à ce cours, je  recharge mes batteries  et ça me booste pour toute la journée . Aussi , à La fin de mes séances personnelles qui peuvent être fatigantes , j'ai pris l'habitude de rajouter  une - deux postures restauratives .  Merci Lou pour tes bons conseils, tes cours sur mesure, ton écoute  et ta générosité d'enseignant. Vivement la semaine prochaine. »
Sandra Hasson


“I run my own business, which can often be stressful to say the least. The first time I entered Lou’s yoga studio, for a brief moment, I asked myself what I was doing there--as someone who normally sets aside little to no time for extra-professional activities, apart from the occasional game of golf…
In having that thought, I had not taken into account Lou’s experience, professionalism, and ability to customize our time spent together around explicit goals of mine—to correct my posture (and mitigate sciatic nerve pain), as well as initiate myself in the sort of “art of life” around respiratory exercises, inner peace, and muscular relaxation. Lou was incredibly attentive to these needs.
Our first session felt like it was over in the blink of an eye—but in reality had lasted over 2 hours.
Over the course of these past 6 months, during which Lou and I have worked diligently together, my posture has continued to improve (confirmed by those close to me). In terms of my initiation to that art of life, I am just starting down a winding road ahead of me that is full of promise.


“Lou’s restorative yoga class offers a safe and serene place to fully relax mind and body. She has an excellent teaching style, each time I’m surprised as how fast time has flown by. Her class has allowed me to reconnect with my body and inner self whilst gaining self-confidence, greater calmness and overall happiness. The sessions are very gentle on the body, the hardest part for me  was quieting the mind and staying still but, with the expert guidance of Lou one quickly advances. The experience goes beyond the classroom as I’ve experienced several positive effects in my daily life.”

“Lou finally made me appreciate yoga! I am not at all flexible and suffer from chronic back pain. Thanks to Lou’s approach, her compassion and ability to adapt to different needs, I felt at the end of my sessions with her—as well as for days after—a profound sense of well being, not only physical but also mental. Lou’s help in establishing an internal equilibrium has also allowed me to reconcile feelings that often inhibit my ability to find peace.”

“I discovered yoga thanks to Lou, whose teachings I continue to reflect on 10 years later. Her pedagogy is profound, attentive, and adapted to the different needs of her students. We are big fans of her—too infrequent—workshops in Paris, where we come back for the fundamentals of her generous and restorative yoga.”

“Lou is incredibly welcoming and hosts each new student with an open mind and compassion. She challenges us to really push ourselves each day and is always attentive, adapting her guidance based on our state of being on a particular day. Diving into a restorative yoga session is like wiping the slate clean, and three hours later, reemerging focused, recalibrated, and confident. A big thank you!”

Each restorative yoga workshop is a breath of fresh air—accompanied by an always attentive and watchful Lou.
Her workshops are an opportunity to escape, and have some time to yourself (that is so hard to come by)!”