Marie-Laure de Vitry, or rather “Lou,” is a breath of tranquility in a world where everything moves too, too fast.

A woman who has always worn many hats, she discovered yoga over 30 years ago in New York—just as she was getting her legal career underway. More than a hobby, yoga has since become her passion—and now a way of life.

New York, London, Paris, she has not stopped learning, practicing, synthesizing different schools of thought and ways of practicing yoga. She has also studied and become certified in psychotherapy and hypnosis, to discover and unpack the intricacies of the human psyche.

Lou finally connected with Restorative Yoga, a movement founded by Judith Lasater, which concentrates on the practice of relaxation where the body, supported by accompanying props, is positioned to maximize relaxation. This type of yoga is characterized by its wholesome nature and accessibility for all levels of experience. No matter the age, experience, or physical conditions of its participants, it enables all to disconnect and realign. Restorative Yoga is especially impactful for those who are stressed by their professional environment and the pace of their everyday life, as well as those individuals suffering from physical or psychological disorders.

Sensitive to debilitating illness, a sensitivity stemming from both personal and professional experience, Lou constantly strives to render the practice of yoga more accessible, notably by working hand-in-hand with health specialists and hospital support staff.

She regularly gives classes in Brussels and Paris, in French and in English. Do not hesitate to contact her for more information on her individualized sessions or hosting her at your studio.